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BCI offers sustainable waste management solutions for residential & corporate clients

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Bayougar Consultancy Inc
Gardnerville, Monrovia, Liberia

Tel: +231 776 771777

We take care of all your Logistics Needs!

All logistic service providers have their own area of expertise. Where one provider performs better in a certain area of service, another party can offer a more attractive price or flexibility.

Do you still contact a courier service, a liner or an airfreight specialist for each shipment separately? That’s not necessary anymore, so make it easy for yourself. Just contact your local MOL Logistics office in Africa. Especially for your business to and from Africa.

Logistic Support throughout Africa

Sometimes you need more than a quick pickup or delivery. For most businesses, Africa looks like a tangled web when you need to get things transported. That is why we can assist you with all kinds of logistic questions and even more. Our team is equipped with a set of tools to ensure you get the information you need.

If you need to explore alternatives in transit time, convenience or quality, just ask your local MOL Logistics office in Kenya. For instance we give you options for a slow and a fast service, with the associated costs. We handle your (quotation) request immediately and send you the best possible options for your shipment as soon as possible.

Here’s how we work

  • 1
    No matter what your challenge is: transport and logistics solutions throughout Africa for all industries
  • 2
    Close cooperation with colleagues in Europe, Middle East, Asia and connected to a worldwide network of offices and agents
  • 3
    Expect support for all kinds of shipments: packages, pallets, containers and even larger!
  • 4
    Advice for import, export or cross trade of your goods (including customs formalities) to and from Africa
  • 5
    Make it personal: just contact your local specialist